Monday, November 7, 2016

"I've cooked for the emperor of Japan... twice."

What's up family and friends?! How's it going?? I'm doing great here in Nakatsu and loving life! This past week was full of miracles and some way cool experiences! But since I don't have so much time to email I'm going to make this pretty short. 

First off our investigator Yamasaki! Way cool things are happening with her. We invited her to baptism again, she expressed some of her concerns and then said that if she really did receive and answer she would get baptized. We invited her to read a section in the Book of Mormon and pray to know if baptism was right for her. I called her the next big to follow up with the commitment we gave and she said she received an answer to her prayer. She said after she prayed she heard a voice tell her "you will know soon", how cool is that?! She said she wants to keep studying and learn more about Jesus Christ. Just yesterday we met with her and I was "quizzing her knowledge/testimony" of the things we have taught her and she literally already sounds like a member when I talk with her. She is so cool and I have no doubt she will be baptized at some point, whether I'm here for that I'm not sure but I know it'll happen. 

We also had zone training meeting this past week and learned a lot from our leaders. I personally learned a lot about humility as well, something I have come to learn I need quite a bit of work on haha. During dendo this week it was Elder Wintercorn and I's first full week together and it was so fun! We had lots of dendo time and met so many nice people that we gave Book of Mormons too as well as set up appointments to come back and teach, the miracles are starting to pick up here in Nakatsu! 

Last night we met a guy, he was our last door we knocked on and it actually made us a little late getting home. But anyways we met him, his name is Haruki and he invited us into his apartment. He had a way cool apartment and to be honest looked like some really rich guy with probably some cool connections, and sure enough he was! Turns out he is some super awesome chef that has cooked for the emperor of Japan, twice! He also had a few soccer balls signed by the whole Japan National Soccer team as well as some club teams. He said he wasn't to interested in our message but thought we were cool and wants to hang out again! He said his friend is coming from Kyoto who apparently is the 2nd best chef in Kyoto and he wants to get together and hang out and and make some food for us! So we of course traded numbers with him and set up a time to meet with him next week when his friend from Kyoto is in town. Way nice guy that I hope our new found friendship will grow into something that we can begin teaching or he will be open to other missionaries down the road. 

Well, I had tons of other little cool miracles happen all week and we were super busy but I don't have to much time left. I am loving this work and have been having such a good time here in Nakatsu. I'm so pumped for the little miracles we are seeing and the big ones I know we will see soon. This work is true and Jesus Christ truly is at the head of this Church. I love you all! 

Love, Elder Sherrill 

PS- Oh yeah, I hit my one year mark! That's pretty weird.. haha. Time to pick up the pace, I'm losing time! 

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