Monday, November 7, 2016

"Can I tell my friends about baptism?"

Helllllllllo everybody! This week was really good! It went by pretty fast and we had tons of dendo and saw a couple small miracles that my companion and I were way grateful for. But honestly not all that much happened this week, it seemed like a pretty normal week. 

Starting off we have our investigator Yamasaki (山崎) who this week didn't progress as much as we would have liked. We called her and she didn't answer, then we tried to visit and she wasn't there.. so we called again a day or so later and no answer again. Usually she calls us back so I was started to get worried but when we visited her once more at the end of the week my fears were suppressed as we found out that she has been busy with work and her mom is currently in town. She has read where we invited her to read in the Book of Mormon and is still ready and praying! We have a lesson with her tomorrow and I'm hoping we can start moving a little faster soon.

That's pretty much it unfortunately with investigators.. we made quite a few return appointments this week so I'm hoping in my email next week I can report positively about some of those and tell you guys about some new investigators we found. We had a couple cool and funny experiences this week during dendo as well. The first night we got the cops called on us again as we were o knocking on doors. The cops came realized it was just "those American missionaries" again and took down our info and left, they were pretty polite about the whole thing. Then on another occasion we knock on this one door and this old woman (later we find out she is 82) opens it up and screams when she sees us. We at first thought she was startled by us, but rather she was screaming out of excitement to see us missionaries again. Apparently missionaries knocked on her door a couple years ago and she just loved them so much that when we showed up to her door she bursts with excitement and talked to us for a solid 20 minutes. Unfortunately she has no interest, she just likes the missionaries, so we left her with something to read. 

Then our most recent cool little dendo miracle was a young kid we street contacted right outside our apartment on the way home. He was 15 and headed home from basketball practice. We BRT'ed a little with him (got to know him/small talk) and I asked him what he wanted to do when he was older, or if he had any dream job. He replies yes but that it was a secret. I then asked him if through baptism (we were talking about baptism at the time) and Jesus Christ he could receive help in fulfilling his dreams what he would think. He responded that it would be awesome and he would love it. Before I could try and set up and appointment he said to me, "can I tell my friends about baptism"? I practically fainted from hearing such words. I said of course! Tell everyone you know! Haha and then gave him a Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet that discusses more about baptism. As he rode off on his back he turned to us and said one more time, "I'm going to tell my friends about this!" And then rode off. It was a way cool miracle in my eyes. 

Well that's about it for this week. The work is moving along here in Nakatsu! It is moving slow but I can tell it is moving. I love being a missionary and I'm thankful for this chance to serve and be apart of this great cause. I love you all and wish you a wonderful week! 


Elder Sherrill 

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