Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More Dendo and More Miracles!

Elder Van Alfen back for a Visit!

Elder Mizukawa has joined the Office Elders

Shrine on the way to the City

Another amazing week here in Fukuoka! This week was pretty similar to
last week in a lot of different aspects. We went on companion
exchanges with the Zone leaders from Kumamoto and Yamaguchi and it was
way fun. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures but this week Elder
Strickland and I are going to repent and take more. The Zone leaders
we have in the mission are seriously some of the best missionaries in
the church. They are all so dedicated and great at what they do, I
learn so much from them each time I go out with them.

This week we met with a man I met on companion exchanges the previous
week. We met him on Monday and he was just super kinjin! He loved the
message and said that he wanted to meet every day if possible. So we
met Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. We set a baptismal
date for next month on the 24th and we will see how it goes! His name
is Tamashi and is just a way prepared and humble man. I'll make sure
to get a picture to show you all next week.

On companion exchanges I had lots of interesting experiences and could
tell we were definitely guided in all that we did and the places we
went. When I was with elder metekingi, a Kumamoto Zone Leader from New
Zealand, we went to a convenience store for our studies because they
have this little lounge area. When we walked in we saw this really
cool looking high school kid that looked at us and lit up. We didn't
say anything but he kept looking back at us so eventually we called
him over and talked with him for a little while. Then a couple minutes
later his girlfriend came (he was 17 and she 16) so she sat down and
joined and we taught them a whole 45 minute lesson on the spot! They
were pretty interested and we set a time to meet again on Monday night
so I'll let you know how it goes!

Our other investigator Kyousuke is doing well too, we are meeting with
him tonight as well as a couple other first time potential
investigators. The work is really moving along here in Fukuoka and for
that I'm grateful. This next week we will begin preparation for the
upcoming transfer, I can't believe how quick the time is going! We
will begin preparing for transfers again, making travel plans and have
lots of office work to do, but hopefully we will still be able to get
out and find each day! But regardless, there will always be times for
lessons to be taught so I'm grateful we have so many set up this next
week. Sorry this email might be kind of all over the place, I'm trying
to write it quick haha. I love you all! I hope everyone is enjoying
the beginning of their summer!


Elder Sherrill

View from Train Station

P-Day Cleaning!

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