Monday, May 8, 2017

Transfers and Trainings!

View from the Zoo

Hello friends and family! This week was probably the busiest I have had on the mission so far! This week we had transfers as a mission. Elder Strickland and I were able to call all the companionships in the mission (we have 194 missionaries currently) and give them there transfer calls, it was a blast! Most everyone was really excited about where they were going so it was cool to be apart of that.

As well as giving people there transfer calls this week we were able to participate in all the new missionary and returning missionary activities. It was a little over a year ago when I stepped off the plan to be in Fukuoka Japan for the first time. At that time I was able to meet President and Sister Egan for the first time and the office elders at the airport. This week, the role was switched I was able to pick up the 8 arriving missionaries at the airport! After we pick them up we take them back to the mission home, we do a little orientation or welcome to the mission training. It felt so weird being with all these new missionaries because I remembered what it felt like when I had first got to Japan.

After their orientation we had another training and this was for all the new trainers. It was technically the first training elder Strickland and I gave together and I think it went pretty good. We will be giving lots of trainings together so this was just the first of many. But I really enjoy teaching with him because I feel like we have similar teaching styles. After that training we had the opportunity to be with the returning missionaries that were going home and it was a little weird to see all these missionaries who would be home in only a matter of a few days. It was kind of cool to see the difference between new missionaries and missionaries who have finished
and become a lot more spiritually mature. This last group of missionaries that went home was actually all the sisters that came out with me to Japan! So it was kind of cool since I knew most of them. Only one elder went home in the last group but I didn't really know him all too well.

This next week we have a lot planned so I'm really excited for it! We have our Mission Leadership Conference here in a couple days and then Elder Strickland and I will begin our companion exchanges will all the Zone leaders in the mission, I'm way pumped for it! We always see so many miracles on Junkais (companion exchanges) so I'm excited to se what's in store.

That's about it for this week. There was a million and one other things that happened but that about all I have time for, I love you all! Talk to you next week!


Elder Sherrill

The Miyazaki couple!

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