Saturday, June 24, 2017

Transfer Preparation!

Elder Norman and Elder Sherrill

I'm always so surprised in the fact that so much can happen in a
single week but as soon as I sit to write down what happened, it all
goes out the window and I'm left thinking, "what happened this week
again?" This is probably what it will feel like when you get old haha.
But anyways, it was another great week! I haven't had a shortage of
those recently. There is always so much to do here and so many people
to teach and talk to that there really is never a dull moment in
Fukuoka. There are always new things coming up, trainings to prepare,
people to talk to, and before you know it we are preparing for
transfers again! I feel like I just arrived here a week ago and yet we
have already begun preparing for this next transfer. It's crazy how
fast time goes.

This past week we took a few days with President Egan in his office
and discussed, prayed, pondered, and prayed again about where the Lord
needs His missionaries for this next transfer. I'm not sure how much I
explained about it last time but seeing this process is one of the
most spiritual experiences I have been blessed to be apart of. Seeing
how close President Egan is to the spirit and how much I can tell that
it really isn't him making the decisions, but rather Heavenly Father
working through him is incredible to witness. I wish each missionary
could see and be apart of it just so they can understand that when
they are in a specific area with a specific companion it really is for
reason. Heavenly Father has prepared so many people in Japan and when
we are put in areas there are so many people I feel like only we have
been sent there to effect. Whether that be your companion, members,
investigators, or the people that live there. It really is such an
amazing experience I'm grateful I can be apart of. It deepens my
testimony knowing that God does indeed live and He does direct this

With the next transfer underway and the decisions made on who will be
going where, this is our time to get to work! For the next week or so
we will be making travel plans and preparing all kinds of documents
that will be needed for this upcoming transfer. It usually takes a
solid week of straight office work and especially with this transfer
we think it may take a little longer. However, I am excited to get to
work and now that I have somewhat more of an idea of what's going on I
feel a little more useful than I did last transfer haha. With all that
office work that is being done we will still have the opportunity to
teach lessons because obviously teaching lessons will take precedence
over the office work. Thankfully we were blessed to find many new
investigators these past few weeks at the beginning of the transfer
that we have a solid pool of investigators to teach as we go
throughout these next couple weeks.

Two of our strongest investigators are probably Kyousuke and Tashima.
I can't remember how much I have talked about them, but they both have
a baptismal date for this month on the 24th! Kyousuke was found just
last month on the 10th and Tashima was found on the 18th. They both
have made lots of progress and we think they will both definitely get
baptized. We may have to push Kyousuke's date back a couple weeks
since he can only meet once a week but tomorrow will be his 3rd time
at church so he is doing really well. We also have a lesson with him
tonight and he has been understanding the Book of Mormon a lot and
having some spiritual experiences so we aren't to worried about him.
Tashima on the other hand can meet all the time so we think he will
actually make his date on the 24th! The only reason we might have to
push it back a week though is just to make sure he is prepared and
fully understands it all. His desire to be baptized and learn is all
there though. He will be coming to church tomorrow for the first time
so we are really excited for him to get exposed to some member and
make some friends at church. In our last lesson this week he said he
tried to bring his girlfriend and her parents! He isn't even a member
yet and already trying to refer people for us to teach! He said his
girlfriend had interest though so we are planning on teaching her this
next week too.

Overall, my week was really good and I'm excited for the weeks to
continue because I know they will just keep getting better and better!
Being a missionary is unlike anything else, it is such a huge
privilege and a blessing to be here, I love it! Till next week! ๐Ÿ‘‹



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