Monday, May 30, 2016



I'm a transfer 5! This last transfer has flown by, it feels like I
just got to Kure yesterday. Today we get our transfer calls and we
still haven't received them yet so I guess you all won't find out if I
stay in Kure or transfer until next week when I email again. I more
than likely will be staying though because I just got here and my
companion has only been here for a couple months as well. This was a
pretty regular week but we had a lot of fun and got to teach some
great lessons

So to begin I want to talk about this new person we found, her name is
Hiromi. Elder Ratzlaff and I found her while knocking on doors about a
week ago. She is a little older and lives by herself but one of the
nicest people ever! We have already taught her three lessons and were
about to teach her a fourth but she got sick and couldn't meet. At our
first contact with her she said she really enjoyed talking with us and
felt at peace as we talked. She asked us to come by and talk with her
everyday so that's pretty much what we did haha. We set up a return
appointment right away and then began teaching her and she has been
really receptive to the message and has really been interested in it.
She experienced a tragedy a while ago with her son passing away and as
we taught her the plan of salvation and told her how she could be with
her son again she lit up and talked about how that is all she wants.
Our next lesson we are going to talk about baptism and hopefully be
able to set a date with her! I'm so excited to see how well she
progresses these next couple weeks.

Then onto the rest of the week we ran into a couple cool people. The
first guy we ran into I started talking to him and he told us how he
was Catholic. I told him that that was okay and that our message was
for everyone and started to explain it. He quickly kind of dismissed
it and said he was busy but grateful we were sharing a message of
Jesus Christ in a country that doesn't really believe in Him. Before
he could leave I gave him a flyer that has some questions on it and
our website. Then he pulls out his wallet (I'm thinking he's going to
stick the small flyer in his wallet) and tries to hand me a sen!
(About 10 dollars worth of Japanese money) I tell him I can't accept
it and he said he wanted to give it to me for the cost of the flyer. I
told him sorry again and he accepted then walked off. After that
contact I looked over at my companion and said jokingly that I wish we
ran into more people like him, considering people refuse to take just
the free piece of paper and this guy was about to give me 10 bucks for
it haha.

This other guy we ran into was a highschool kid. We started to talk
with him and he was really interested in us and what we were doing as
missionaries. He seemed to really like Americans and was marveled at
the fact that we were speaking Japanese to him. As we being to explain
more of our message we introduced the Book of Mormon. He was really
interested in it at first and had lots of questions, as we answered
them we could tell he was really drawn to the book and wanted it. Then
at the end we offered to give it to him and he was so thankful, he
kept using polite Japanese and thanking us over and over again and
told us how he was going to go home and study it. Unfortunately we
couldn't set a return appointment because he said he was busy with
school and activities every day but he said he would call us soon
whenever he had time to meet. I really hope we can meet with him again
sometime soon.

That's about it for this week, there were many other things that
happened but not enough time to write them all. I have a lot of
pictures I will be sending though today so look out for those! I love
you all! Have a great week!

Love, シェリル長老

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