Monday, May 2, 2016

First full week in Kure!

こんにちわみなさん! Kure is finally starting to feel like my home now and I
have some pictures this week too! Not to much out of the ordinary
happened last week but probably the best news is that suit season
finally ended! As missionaries (male) we are required to wear suit
jackets everyday up until April 30th and with it just becoming may we
get to finally take them off and just wear our white t-shirts. It may
not sound like that big of a deal but when you're biking all day in
the heat the last thing you want to be wearing is an uncomfortable
suit jacket. So other than that exciting news we had a great week!

To start off the week we had a lesson with our main investigator
Matsuoka and he is really interesting to teach haha. He has a really
deep knowledge of other religions and the bible so as we try and teach
him usually it turns into him talking about other beliefs and how they
relate or asking us really deep doctrinal questions. So we usually
keep it pretty simple with him and this week we focused on the spirit
and I think that really helped him. He has been searching for truth in
his life through lots of individual study but not through prayer and
acting on any promptings he receives, so that's mainly what we tried
to focus on. I'm excited to keep working with him and see how well he

This week as we were out knocking on doors we met this Philipino lady
named girly. I think she may be a kinjin (golden investigator). We met
her and as we talked she explained how she studies the bible but
doesn't think her church is true and is searching for the truth. We
shared our message of the restoration and it really connected with
her. As we talked about the Book of Mormon she said she would like to
read it and hear more but we unfortunately didn't carry and English
copy with us that day so we set up a return appointment to meet this
week! Just from talking with her she seems so prepared and I think
that's will go really well with her.

Later this week we had a fishing activity as a branch and it was so
much fun! Two of our investigators came and 3 students from eikaiwa
showed up so it turned out really well. I have pictures I will share
in a little bit. During a zone meeting we had this past week as well
they shared some awesome news with us. Elder Quentin L. Cook and Elder
Gary Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are coming to
visit our mission later this month!! I'm so excited to have training
and to be able to hear from two Apostles. That's about it for this
week, I love you and pray everyone enjoys all the warm weather coming
up! Have a great week!

Love, シェリル長老

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