Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Skype

Hello!! So this email will be pretty short and sorry it is coming so
late! A member unexpectedly showed up at the church and wanted to take
us out to eat so we had to cut emails short. Since it's so late I will
send a picture of where they took us out to eat to make up for it

So first off I would like to give a little shoutout to my wonderful
and amazing mom! I love you mom! Today I got to skype my family
because it is of course Mother's Day and it was so fun and I'm so glad
I got to see them!! I taught them all a little Japanese and especially
my little brother Derek some fun words. Skype was over before I knew
it but I'm so grateful they have skype and I'm a missionary in a time
and place where it is available to me so I can see them a couple times
a year.

As far as this week went we had quite a few things that happened. We
got drenched in the pouring rain last Tuesday and all my stuff got
ruined. My planner, Book of Mormon, pamphlets and clothes all got
soaked so that was a lot of fun. We met this random guy on the street
when asking him for directions and he invited us over to his house
because he liked Americans and fed us lots of candy. We met some lady
in the heart of Kure who owns a little candy store. She stopped us as
we biked past her and told us how missionaries used to visit her and
then she pulled us in her store and closed it down so she could talk
with us. She talked with us (about an hour) and we had a good time as
she told us stories of her traveling the world 21 times! She also
showed us souvenirs from all the countries she went to and even had us
try some salt she had gotten from the Dead Sea when she went there!
She was a really interesting lady!

There was a lot more that happened but I ran out of email time! I love
you all and I'm so thankful for this gospel and the happiness it
brings to me and the people I share it with. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Sherrill

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