Monday, June 6, 2016

Still in 呉 (Kure)!

Hello everyone! So last Pday I received my transfer call and Elder
Ratzlaff and I are staying one more transfer here in Kure! I'm pretty
excited for another transfer with him and for the opportunity to stay
and work with the members here in Kure. This week there wasn't to much
that happened out of the ordinary. Although, we did see a few miracles
with finishing some new investigators!

To start off the week we set 2 pretty sketchy return appointments. It
was almost time for us to head home and usually people don't like
talking to us late at night so we tried out something new. After they
opened the door we just talked about ourselves and got to know them
within a minute or two, acknowledged it was late and they were
probably busy  and asked if we could come back again. Both of the
people we met said yes and to our surprise when we came back in a few
days they were actually there and we got to teach them a lesson!
Sometimes solid returns appointments fall through and especially the
sketchy ones tend to so we were definitely grateful for that
opportunity we had to teach.

The first one we set was with a young college girl who wanted to build
more of a relationship with God. As she explained that to us we
decided tell her about pray and the Book of Mormon and how through
both we can come closer to God. She accepted the invitation to read
and even prayed at the end of our lesson! As we tried to set another
appointment with her she said she has been kind of busy so we set kind
of another not so solid appointment. But, it worked the first time so
why not the second time haha. Then the other appointment we had was
with a man in his late 20's or so. He was really cool and we hit it
off with him as soon as he answered the door. He said we could come
back but since we didn't really know his needs or interest we decided
to just go with a lesson 0 (talk about God and Jesus Christ and their
roles). After we shared that we said we wanted to share our special
message about the restoration and he said he was willing to listen to
it now! So we of course were more than happy to teach him and give him
a Book of Mormon. After the lesson we invited him to read and set
another appointment a few days later. We came back for the second
appointment and he had already read 40 pages of the Book of Mormon! We
were a little surprised to say the least. We taught him our second
lesson and even had him to pray to close the lesson. It all seemed to
be going well and then when we went to set up the new appointment he
said he would be busy for the next 2 months and would like to study on
his own. My companion and I were a little disheartened to hear that
but continued to testify and committed him to continue reading and
call us if head questions or wanted to meet again.

After the lesson we tried to evaluate what we could have done wrong
and we had a hard time coming up with anything. We concluded that we
did all we could and he now has all the materials he needs to receive
and answer for himself (the Book of Mormon and knowing how to pray).
So we are hopefully he will continue to read and pray and call us
soon. Even though it didn't turn out exactly as hoped for, my
companion and I considered them miracles nonetheless. As missionaries
we can't force anyone to believe in our message, we can only invite
and let others choose for themselves to act on the message they hear.
Sometimes I wish I could because I know how much the Gospel would
bless some of those we teach, but I know that really receiving a
testimony to this Gospel and message can only be develop through
sincere prayer to our Heavenly Father. So if we give others the
opportunity to understand how to pray and receive that answer for
themselves then we are doing all we can. I know the Lord has a
specific plan for each of us in this work of His. Including the people
we find and teach here in Kure. I'm grateful for the opportunity I
have to labor amongst these people and shed light into their lives. I
know this Gospel is true and really was restored by a true chosen
prophet of God. I love this work and am thankful for the happiness it
brings into my own life. I love you all and wish everyone a great

Love, Elder Sherrill

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