Monday, June 20, 2016

6 months in 日本!

Looks like Rainy Season has begun!

For AP Elder Petit

A picture for President's Birthday!

The new district

Hello 皆さん! So I have hit my 6 month mark in Japan! It is crazy to
think I have been here for so long already! My Japanese is finally
improving and I'm getting the hang of being a missionary (only took 8
months haha) but I'm loving it! There are definitely it's fair share
of difficulties as a missionary but those are always belittled as to
the many miracles and joys to be had a missionary. This email will be
fairly short but I just want to update you all on a couple things.

First is our main investigator Hiromi. She is continuing to progress
and things are looking good with her for her baptismal date next month
but my companion and I are just making sure she is getting baptized
for all the right reasons. We think that she will be fine and have
faith everything will work out. We met with her two times this last
week and she came to church. Also, BYU-Hawaii came to Japan and was in
Hiroshima for this concert they were performing. Missionaries were
allowed to go if they brought investigators so we got two of ours to
go and it was a blast! It felt kind of like a P-Day to go see a
concert but it was really great and had a good spiritual atmosphere
which I think benefited our investigators a lot.

This last week we also had a special stake conference broadcast from
Salt Lake City and it was amazing! My companion and I got to watch it
in English which was really nice haha. One of the speakers talked
about the sabbath day and what we can do as members to make it more
holy. She also committed us to think of one thing to sacrifice to make
the sabbath more holy and as I thought about that it really made me
think of what I can do individually to make the sabbath more special
even as a missionary. Even though Sunday is usually our busiest day as
missionaries with church, lessons, dendo and countless other things I
love the spiritual break and renewal we get as we take the sacrament.
It will definitely encourage me to change my Sunday habits when I
return home. I love you all and am sorry for the short email! Have a
wonderful week!!

Love, シェリル長老

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