Monday, June 27, 2016

Halfway to Christmas! ๐ŸŽ…

Helping a member move in

With some Indonesian friends

Konnichiwa! Hello everyone! The other day I realized we are already
half way to Christmas! I don't know how time has flown by that fast
but it's crazy to think that 2016 is half way over already.

So today we are going to Miyajima as a district. I went there a couple
transfers ago, it is the place with the huge red Japanese arch in the
water. I'm pretty stoked to go again! They also are known for having
lots of swords there so we'll see if I cave and get one haha, most of
my zone did last time we went. But anyways on to this week, we didn't
have to much happen other than meeting with our main investigator
Hiromi. We met with her twice and are pretty much done teaching her
all the commandments. We pushed her baptismal date back one week to
help give her some more time to be prepared and I think she will make
it! The only sad thing about pushing it back a week is that transfer
calls are on the 14th next month so either Elder Ratzlaff or I won't
be there to see her be baptized. Even though one of us will most
likely miss her baptism it will be a lot better because she will be
more prepared and ready to make that sacred covenant with God.

Just yesterday she came to church for her 3rd time in a row and is
really loving it! She has bonded with the members each time and
continues to grow closer which is really good. There has been one or
two members though that have been giving her a little bit of the cold
shoulder so it has really been bothering us. Hiromi told us that a
couple were doing so and yesterday at church it was kind of apparent
that something was up. Why they do it to her, I have no idea, but we
talked with our branch president about it and he will sort it all out.
For the most part though it has been a really good experience for her
and helped her a lot. My companion and I taught Sunday school
yesterday and while she participated she commented on something and
tied that into the Book of Mormon and bore testimony on it! It was so
cool! One member encouraged her to get up next week during fast and
testimony meeting and continue to bear her testimony.

When I first got called to Kure I felt like it wasn't the exact area I
should be in. I liked the area okay but I just thought maybe it wasn't
where I should be. Especially with Elder Ratzlaff and I working hard
and not seeing much success. Recently have I come to find out that I
really was called here for a reason, and I think part of that reason
was to find Hiromi San and help her come back to her Heavenly Father.
She has been so much fun to teach this last month and selfishly I
really hope I stay so I can continue to teach her and see her become a
member of the church.

We had a couple other cool experiences this week but since I don't
have much time I want to end with a funny/interesting story that
happened Saturday night. My companion and I had just finished going to
this class we sometimes go to and it was getting kind of late. We need
to be back in our apartment by 9 but it was only 8:15 so we decided to
dendo near by. We were in a kind of older neighborhood and the first
door we knock on this old man yells through his house asking who it
is. We introduce ourselves and he tells us to go home without coming
to the door. We were going to talk with him longer but Hiromi San was
calling us so we decided to leave it at that. As we leave his front
yard my companion stands near his house across the street talking on
the phone. While he does that I'm just waiting when I hear a sound
from behind me. The old man opens up his window and yells across the
street asking us who we are again. My companion walks a little farther
away to keep talking on the phone and I approach him telling him my
name. He asks why we are here and I tell him what we do as
missionaries. He says he doesn't want to talk with us so I apologize
and tell him we were just on the phone but we will be leaving. Then he
said something about the police and at the time I thought he asked if
we were the police haha. So then I tell him we are missionaries and
not the police, then he says back, "no I'm going to call the police!"
So I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and said okay then walked to
my companion and said, "hey, he said he's going to call the police on
us". My companion looks at me a little stunned and then we start to
walk back to our bikes (about 40 yards away). We walk back to our
bikes and my companion continues talking on the phone. From our bikes
we can see the mans house and he and his wife continue to look at us
through the window. About 5 minutes later I heard a motorcycle coming
down the quiet road and sure enough, it was the police. The police
officer asks us what happened and then realized we were just
missionaries doing what we always do, knocking on people's doors. He
writes down some information while two more police cars show up and 3
more officers get out, it was our own little party! Haha. One of the
officers comes up and starts being kind of rude telling us we need to
go home because people are sleeping. I tell him that we go home at 9
but until then we dendo, then let him know that we don't make the
rules but instead just follow them. He told us to tell the man that
makes the rules to change them. We agree with him to stop any further
argument and before long they finish writing down all our info and
then we decide to tell them all about Eikaiwa (free English class)
haha! We talked about English and a couple of the officers took flyers
and seemed interested. After a little conversation about where we are
from and everything we all go our separate ways. It was a pretty
interesting experience to say the least!

That is about it for this week, but until next week, I love you all!
Thank you for the constant support and examples you all are to me. I
love being a missionary and having the opportunity to bear testimony
of the Living God each and every day! I hope you all have a great
week! ๆ„›ใ—ใฆใ‚‹ใ‚ˆ


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