Monday, July 3, 2017


View from outside the Apartment 
On their way to Okinawa

What another amazing week! It's getting warmer here in Japan and the

rainy season has definitely hit because all it does is rain here haha.
This past week was pretty busy but not as busy as the previous one. We
finished up the last two Zone conferences in Kumamoto and in Okinawa.
Needless to say they were a blast and meeting all the missionaries and
reuniting with some old mission friends was a great time. It's
incredible to me how for each of these training meetings we plan to
teach the same thing but every time there is always new things that we
say or that are talked about. Even though they are the same training,
they end up being very different depending on the needs and where the
spirit takes it during the meeting. I continue to be impressed by
President and Sister Egan's ability to teach and follow the spirit as
they train. It makes it pretty difficult when you have to train right
after them haha. Everything they say is exactly what I need to hear
all the time. There are many blessings from serving in the mission
home but I feel like my most cherished one is being so close with them
and learning from them daily. They give us so much advice and counsel
on how to be good leaders, future parents, show love to others, and
most importantly how to become true disciples of Jesus Christ. In all
that they do they exemplify the Christlike attributes and serve with
complete willingness to follow the will of Heavenly Father. It's such
a blessing we have to work with them.

Throughout this past week we spent most of our time traveling but on
Wednesday we got a full day of dendo and it was the best! We had
companion exchanges and I went with Elder Woolston who is a Zone
Leader down in Kagoshima and we saw tons of miracles. We had about 8
hours straight to proselyte so we hit the streets and went as hard as
we could. We ran into lots of cool people and ended up getting six
return appointments and talked to over 200 people! By the end of the
day we were pretty 疲れた but it was worth it. I'm grateful for the days
we have to go out and just work. Sometimes we get stuck in the office
and have to do different things to prepare for trainings or what have
you but when we do get the time to dendo you just appreciate it so
much more. We will see how the appointments play out next week though!

Today for P-Day we are planning on going to the Kyushu National Museum
in Dazaifu and visiting a shrine or two as we are there. I am pretty
excited to go do something fun because sometimes our pday are just
spent running errands and other little things. So it will be nice to
relax and have a good time with the other elders in the apartment.
With that being said we are planning on leaving pretty soon so my
email will get cut a little short. Also, I'm still working on taking
pictures.. this past week we didn't really take any. It's like I
forget everyday until I'm sitting here and then I realize I haven't
taken any. One day I'll get there haha. とにかく, thank you all for your
love and support! Also, how is it July already!? Time is ah flyin by!
Better make the most of it, hope you all have a great week :)


Elder Sherrill

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