Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another Week in the Best Two Years!

Another week has come and gone! It's crazy how quickly I am back to
writing emails each week. I feel like I'm writing one every other day.
With that being said I'm sorry if I repeat stuff or start to get kind
of boring haha. This past week was amazing and we have officially
welcomed a new member into the honbu crew! Transfers are in about 2
weeks but in order to train the new mission assistant my new companion
Elder Sorensen will be receiving training up until Elder Strickland
goes back out into the mission field this next transfer. I am way
pumped to work with Elder Sorensen, he is coming from being the
Yamaguchi Zone Leader and has tons of faith and dendo fire! He has an
upbeat personality and I can already tell me and him will get along
really well.

So far this past week has been mainly preparing for transfers which
means we got to participate in the transfer process one more time. It
is easily one of my favorite responsibilities we get here in the
mission home. Each time we sit in President Egan's office and discuss
and pray over the names the spirit is always there and deepens my
testimony of who really guides this work. With that being said, after
about 3 solid days of going at it we have completed all the transfers
for this upcoming transfer and this next week we will be building all
the travel plans for everyone going to their new areas. We have 10 new
missionaries coming in and about 18 of them leaving. So in about 2
weeks we will get to welcome in the new ones and say goodbye to the
returning ones. It is always such a fun and interesting experience.

Since I wrote a longer email the past week and due to me running out
of time this will be about it for today. I'm sorry it's so short! Next
week will be a lot better.. probably haha. Today we don't have to much
planned for P-Day, lots of errands to run but we will still make it
fun somehow! I'm grateful for all the support each of you give me. We
are continuing to see miracles here every single day in Fukuoka and I
feel so blessed to be here. I love this mission! I hope you all have a
great week!


Elder Sherrill

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