Sunday, July 9, 2017

Crazy weather and even crazier miracles in Fukuoka!

Hello everyone! This past week some of you may have heard about the
weather going on in the Fukuoka area and to be honest it really hasn't
been all that bad. There were some areas that experienced some
flooding but as far as the city of Fukuoka itself, there was just tons
of rain and lots of thunder and lightning! Earlier in the week I woke
up in the middle of the night to lots of lighting and thunder around
us, there was seriously lighting coming down about once every few
seconds! Since I really enjoy listening to thunder and seeing the
lightning I got up and watched it for a few minutes before falling
back asleep. The next couple days it pretty much rained all day long
which made for some great dendo!

We had two companionship exchanges his past week, one of Tuesday and
the other on Thursday. The first one was with Elder Norman, one of the
Fukuoka Zone Leaders and the other was with Elder Bates, one of the
Hiroshima Zone Leaders. They are both actually my doki (which means we
were in the MTC together and came to Japan at the same time). So going
on exchanges with them was a blast! Elder Norman gave a really good
training this past week on our desire to baptize and I have never left
a meeting so pumped to go out and work hard! So huge props to him for
getting everyone fired up.

My comp exchange with Elder Bates was really good and we saw tons of
miracles. We had about 8 hours to dendo so we hit the streets of
Fukuoka and got to it! In our planning we prayed specifically to find
a young high school kid who we could have a lesson on the spot with
and guess who find not even 15 minutes into our dendo?? You betcha,
our young high school kid! We were on our bikes crossing the middle of
a road on the cross walk and as we were coming up on this kid who was
in the middle of the cross walk I felt prompted to stop him. I had
never before stopped someone in the middle of the crosswalk who is
going the opposite direction of me for a variety of reasons but since
I felt the need to we did and I'm so thankful we did! We walked with
him for a few minutes then stopped off under an awning and had a 20
minute lesson on prayer and set up an appointment for this next week.
The rest of our day went well and we set another 4 appointments, so
needless to say it was a great day!

As Elder Strickland and I came back together for the end of the week
we continued to see some more miracles. Just last night as we were out
proselyting we prayed to find another young high school kid to have a
lesson with on the spot. We were in this park we always go to to find
people. Elder Strickland and I kind of split up (only about 10 feet
from each other) to talk to some people sitting on some benches. We
both met some cool kids who were about 20 years old and made an
appointment with both of them! After we finished that we came back
together and started walking around the park. With only about 45
minutes left to go we were hoping we would find our young higshcool
kid we had been praying to find. Sure enough in the next couple
minutes we stop a 17 year old kid, talk to him about prayer and
Heavenly Father and he was really interested! So we asked if we could
walk to the nearby park and teach him how to pray and he said yes! So
we did just that and about 20 minutes later we had another lesson on
the spot with the person we were hoping we could find.

Heavenly Father really does listen to our prayers and as we do all we
can to work hard he rewards us with our righteous desires. I'm so
thankful for all the wonderful experiences I am having serving here in
Fukuoka. It has been such a blast seeing how many people the Lord has
prepared us to meet and teach. I hope we can continue to have the
faith to find and to baptize because that's exactly what we are going
to do! Tonight we have another lesson with Kyousuke who is scheduled
for the end of this month to be baptized. Then tomorrow we have
Tashima our other investigator who is coming to church who we will be
resetting his date for the end of the month too. We hope that they can
both make it, but I'm sure whatever happens it will all be within the
Lord's timing.

Well I'm sorry this email got really long pretty fast haha, and this
is seriously only a fraction of what happened this week. There are
always to many cool experiences and miracles to fit in one small
email. But anyways, I'm loving serving here in Fukuoka and I can't
express my gratitude enough for my loving Heavenly Father that
continues to help strengthen me and mold me into the person He wants
me to become. I hope you all have a great week and enjoyed some
fireworks for this past 4th of July! Love you all!


Elder Sherrill

Fun on P-Day

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