Thursday, February 2, 2017

Life in おき

It was a pretty good week! This week for emails I'm going to try something different and just do a little overview of each day and see how that goes.

Monday- it was our pday! So we of course went out and had some fun. We went on the American base and went shopping for American groceries. Although I could care less about all the candy, ice cream, and snacks. All I wanted was some good milk that was bigger than a liter and wheat bread. So that's all I got haha. Afterwards, my companion and I went up to one of the military bases higher on the island to have FHE(Family Home Evening, its like a game night/Family fun night with food, games, and a spiritual message) with the Foust couple. It went pretty good and there was a non member that showed up! 
Tuesday- I went to go pick up my bike from the bike shop because a couple of my spokes were broken. Afterwards we taught Yaka's lesson and it went really well! We are re teaching him the lessons and his understanding of the gospel is really deepening. 

Wednesday- Another rainy day in Okinawa but that didn't stop us! We had a great lesson with our investigator Kinjo in which he agreed to live the word of wisdom! At the end of our lesson I asked if he had any questions about the lesson and he said, "no but I do have one question, do I need to bring my own white clothes to the baptism, or do you have some for me to use?" I kind of just laughed and told him not to worry about it because we have the clothes for him. He is getting excited for his baptism! 
Thursday- This day was crazy. To start it off we ran into this cool American who has lived in Okinawa since the 80's  who runs his own Karate Dojo. He is a 9th degree black belt (which is apparently the highest you can go according to him). He has all these karate classes he teaches and even does these cool Okinawan festivals each week with drums and karate that he invited us to, so we might go next week! After him the Assistants in our Mission came down a day early before our training and interviews with our Mission President to go on exchanges with me and my companion. I went with Elder Yamanashi who is seriously the nicest person I have ever met. He is an amazing missionary and is practically an angel. He served here as a Zone Leader a little while ago and baptized a couple people so we went and visited them together. 
Friday- Interviews with the President Egan! So this past week I have been given lots of counsel directly from President Egan and at first it was a little tough to hear because he is very open with his comments on how I should improve and help my Zone but it really has actually helped me out a lot to improve as a missionary, leader, and a person. My Zone Leader companion and I made some goals on what we can do to help improve our zone and we are way pumped for them! We have lots of fun activities planned as a Zone to help us find new investigators and increase our unity. 

Saturday- Exchanges with one of the District Leaders in the zone Elder Tschirki! He is such a stud! We had a way fun junkai and saw tons of miracles together. We actually did something as a Zone together called miracle day where everyone prays to see lots of miracles on a specific day, and then we all go out and work way hard to see them. Once they see a cool miracle, they record a voice message of the miracle, they send it to the zone leaders and we send it out to the whole zone! That way everyone in the zone is constantly getting to hear of success the zone is seeing and pumping them up to see success in their own areas. It was a huge success and everyone in the zone saw multiple miracles. We have another cool activity planned this week but we actually need to get permission from the Mission President before we do it. So I will let you know how that goes next week! 

Sunday- We finished the week of strong with Kinjo! He came to church and we taught him for the third time after church! He has agreed to live all the commandments and when I was asking about how his life has been recently he said it has been like a wave. I asked him what was happening when it was at the high points and at the low points. He said he feels good (high points of wave) when he is going to church, praying, and meeting with us! Then he said the low points are when he feels fear. We told him that fear wasn't from God but rather from Satan and to focus on the good feelings he receives. I asked about his baptism and how he feels now that we have been meeting with us regularly and coming to church weekly and he said it is completely different from when he wasn't meeting with us. He says he is looking forward to his baptism and is excited for it. So we are way pumped! 

That's about it for this week! It turned out kind of long and took a while haha so sorry about that. I love you guys and I'm grateful for all the love and support you show me, have a great week! 


Elder Sherrill 

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