Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sunny and 65☀️

Hello friends and family! So this week wasn't much different from the other previous ones. The weather is still fantastic by the way, it got a little chilly here the other day because it "dropped" down to the lower 60's but we survived. As much as I love winter and the snow, as a missionary I'm not to bummed to be missing out on the freezing cold weather.

This past week we were really busy but to be honest I am grateful for how busy we have been lately. The only downside to being so busy is that time goes by WAY to fast. I mean we are already halfway down with the first month of 2017 and I feel like I'm still waiting for Christmas to come! It is really interesting how time goes by a lot faster when you start to realize you don't have as much as you would like left. My companion Elder Lyutsov and I are learning a lot together and certainly learning a lot from each other. He brings a lot of new different ideas and experience to the table that I'm grateful I have the chance to learn from. A month ago I didn't even know where Bulgaria was on a map but after some time with him I feel like I know all about the people and the culture. He really is a great missionary and I can tell he will become even better as he continues to learn from others and improve as he is here in Japan. 

Our old investigator Yaka is doing really well! We are still meeting with him and he is on track for all the goals we have set for him so I'm excited to keep meeting with him and see his faith continue to build. We have another investigator too named Kinjo and we actually just set a baptismal date for him as well. His is not until February 4th but so far it is looking good! He has come to church twice already and has had most of the lessons. Yesterday at church as well Elder Yamashita came to visit (Member of the 70 who spoke in the most recent General Conference) and he actually had like a 5 minute 1 on 1 talk with our investigator and it was so cool! It was crazy to see how much an impact he had on him within such a short little visit. In sacrament meeting his talk was on how he was given the assignment to talk in General Conference and it was really funny. 

That's about it for me! We have been working a lot with the Japanese ward and visiting their last actives and recent converts so that has been really good. We went out to this chain of islands and visited a bunch of old members and it was pretty cool, we got some pretty pictures of the water and islands as we went to dinner out there so I'll send those out! I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! 


Elder Sherrill 

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