Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Power of Prayer

Sunset on trip to Fukuoka
Drawing little girl did of Elder Sherrill
 Hello Everyone! 

Another week on the tropical island of Okinawa! This last week was really good! I'll try and hit all the main highlights of the week. 

First off we started the week with interviews with our amazing Mission President. The more I meet with him, learn from him, and hear his counsel the more my respect deepens for him and for the service he is rendering. Sometimes when I think my mission is tough, I think of how it must be for President and Sister Egan and I stop complaining haha. They truly are the hardest workers in the mission and even when they are tired somehow manage to push through and make everyone feel individually important. My interview with him went really well, he helped answer some of my questions and gave me that extra push to continue to work hard.

Along with interviews, Elder Conder and I were able to give a training during interview time and we think that was good too. If you really want to know though you'd have to ask someone that received the training, but if you ask me I don't think it was half bad ;) We focused a lot on spiritual planning and why it is so necessary in finding those that are ready to receive the message of the gospel. Another topic we touched on was accountability to our leaders and more importantly the Lord. One commitment that was given to us and we extended to our missionaries as well was the concept of reporting to Heavenly Father every day in your prayer before you go to bed. And that is basically just telling Him how your day was, what you did, what you think you fell short on, and thinking of what you can do better the next day. As I have been doing that it has helped my prayers feel stronger and more meaningful. I heard something a while back from some teacher in Sunday school and I really liked it. They said, when you pray at night, do you prayers reach heaven or do they hit the ceiling and fall back down? That being interpreted to say how meaningful our prayers actually are. Sometimes we come home, we are exhausted and we just want to sleep or relax and that sometimes rolls over until we go to bed. However, as we kind of wake back up and make time to sincerely talk to Heavenly Father in prayer it helps us out more than we realize. Prayer really is such a blessing in our lives and helps us feel Gods love and guidance more abundantly. 

During the week we were able to meet with Yaka and Kinjo, both of our recent converts. They continue to impress me with how diligently they study and how much they are improving. Other than meeting with them we had an awesome miracle this week! Our good friend Brother Nishihara gave us a referral for his friend and we taught her the first lesson this week. We got to know her and focused the whole lesson on God and getting to know him through prayer. It was a great lesson and we shared one of my favorite Mormon messages (short little gospel clip). I'll add the link to the bottom of this email so you guys can give it a view if you'd like! 

All in all we had some great lessons this week and it honestly was a pretty good week. This next week should be even better because we have a mission conference coming up and a couple companion exchanges! There are always miracles on companion exchanges so I'm looking forward to that :). I love you guys! Have a great week! Also is anyone else as freaked out as me that it is pretty much March already?! 


Elder Sherrill 

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