Thursday, December 29, 2016

Stop Slouching

Hello Friends and Family!

I am alive and well! I survived last week, thankfully I got over my
sickness and was able to up to trainers training to get my new
missionary. His name is Elder Lyutsov and he is awesome! He is from
Bulgaria and is probably the most interesting person I have ever met.
His English is completely fluent and his Japanese is already better
than mine! One of his hobbies is to study languages and so far he
knows about 8! Also he is a recent convert as well. He was baptized
last year in April! So we have that in common which is kind of cool.
He is a very blunt person and so the very first time I met him the
first thing he said to me was "you're slouching, pick your head up". I
was like, "what"? Haha. Apparently Bulgarian people are very blunt and
speak their mind and from being with him for a couple days now I can
definitely say that is true haha, however! These past few days I have
had the best posture I have ever had so thanks to him I might come
back from my mission with good posture and better manners haha. But I
honestly love him and I'm so excited to be training him. He has
already taught me a lot these first couple days and I'm excited to
learn more from him!

So onto this week. I ran out of time so I don't have any time to
report on what's going on, sorry! Our investigator yaka is going to be
baptized on December 31st! We taught him all the commandments and he
has no problems so now we are just finishing up the lessons and
preparing for his baptism! I'm so stoked!

I can't believe it will be Christmas next week either! We have tons of
meals set up with members and lots of parties planned so this next
week should be a blast. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures for you
all, sorry this is so short again! Maybe I'll get better at sending
good emails someday ;) but until then, I love you all! Thank you for
all your prayers and support! I am so grateful for them, I hope
everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their families. Remember the
reason for the season and keep the focus on Jesus Christ and helping
others! :)


Elder Sherrill

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