Friday, December 9, 2016

Run Oki

Hey everyone! I know I just emailed a couple days ago so I will make this a short one. Plus there were a couple individual emails I haven't responded to yet.. (sorry! I will today). These past few days have been way good and everything is continuing to move forward. I still can't believe November is almost over though, it feels like it just started a couple days. One thing that I've definitely noticed is the more busy you are the faster the time goes by. Which makes me a little scared because this next month looks like it is going to be really busy, so in other words it will probably be 2017 before I know it.

Today since it's my first real pday in Okinawa we have a couple plans to go buy some stuff from this store called "Run Oki". Pretty much every single missionary that serves on Okinawa goes and buys a Run Oki shirt.. so looks like I've got to join the crowd! Haha. If I end up buying one I'll send you all some pictures. Other than that we don't have many plans for today. I wanted to go to the beach but it's raining so that won't really work out. I'm going to try and go next week so I can get some pictures for you all! Okinawa is way beautiful but I haven't really had time to stop and take pictures so I'll repent and send some next week if I can. 

This past Saturday I got to participate in a really cool experience. After a person is taught all the lessons and getting prepared for baptism they have a baptism interview. I was able to conduct my first baptismal interview with this lady named Kochi who lives up in Nago (northern area of Okinawa Island). It was such a great spiritual experience and she was seriously one of the most prepared people I have ever met. I was a little nervous to do so because you pretty much ultimately decide if this person is ready to be baptized or not, and if they aren't it would be very difficult to not pass them. Thankfully she was super prepared and had a strong testimony so it was no problem and she passed with flying colors. 

Well, I've got to run again! Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. I'll try to fill you all in on my area more next week. I love Okinawa though! It's been a blast and I'm really excited for this holiday season! We have tons of plans and parties coming up, it will be awesome. I love you guys! See ya next week! 

Love, Elder Sherrill 

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