Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Dying Easter Eggs

They got creative... The prophet and apostles! 

Happy Easter everyone! 

This week was full of some great experiences
but I mainly want to focus my email on our main investigator Kodama,
he is doing great! We taught him a couple times this week, and right
now we are teaching him the commandments. He is really engaged in the
lessons and continues to read from the Book of Mormon in between
visits. He came to church for the first time yesterday too! Elder
Colton and I went and picked him up and rode with him to church. He
had a really good time and at the end of church he asked when we could
meet again instead of us asking first! We agreed on a time this week,
so far he is still on track to be baptized April 16th! I am so excited
for him, next week I will try and get a picture with him.

This week we ran into a guy from Vietnam who is way nice and invited
us out to lunch with him. He wasn't really interested in our message
but liked to hear our purpose as missionaries and talk about what we
do. He is currently starting his own business and trying to make that
successful so he can build schools in Vietnam so underprivileged kids
can receive a better education. He leaves back to the United States
this week though so unfortunately we can't meet again.  Yesterday we
set up for the Easter party we are having tonight and I have lots of
fun videos and pictures to send of that.

I don't have a whole lot of time today because we are going to have a
zone activity in Miyajima today! But I just wanted to end with a
couple things. I love this gospel so much! It truly is a blessing to
be here in Japan and get to work with the amazing members here. There
aren't to many but they all try so hard and continue to fulfill their
duties as much as they can. We get the privilege to meet and talk with
so many people each day and I love the opportunity I get to bear
testimony to others that Christ indeed lives. He truly is the son of
God and always wants to help us no matter what problems we are facing.
I love you all and hope everyone has a great Easter! Remember that HE

Love, Elder Sherrill

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