Monday, April 4, 2016

April Already?!

Miyajima Island

There were deer all over Miyajima 

The zone!

Hello everyone! 

This week was so busy and full of things to do. Today
my companion and I are going to Hiroshima again to do some things as
well as take a run around the city. It's so beautiful and I love it
here! I have some pictures I took last week that I'll be sending home
today. Miyajima was way fun last week! I have some funny pictures and
videos of that as well.

This week we had two lessons with Kodama and one of the them was the
word of wisdom. We were a little nervous to teach him because we knew
he smokes and drinks tea and coffee. As we began the lesson and
started to talk with him he was taken back a little bit and made a
comment like, " I didn't expect these lessons to change my life".
After we taught him though and bore testimony of the blessings he
promised to live them. At the end of the lesson my companion and I
gave him a big bag of hot chocolate and told him to drink that if he
ever has the urge to drink coffee or tea. Luckily he loves hot
chocolate and was more than willing to take it. When we met with him a
few days later to continue teaching him some other principle of the
gospel we asked how he has been with the word of wisdom since our last
visit. He kind of smiles and says I haven't done any of it, but I have
drank a lot of that hot chocolate you gave me haha. My companion and I
were so happy, we consider it a miracle he has stopped everything and
committed to live the word of wisdom since the day we invited him.

Later in the week we had a going away party for Xie and it was really
sad to see him go. He left back to China on April 1st to find a job
since he has finished his schooling in Japan. At the end of the party
Xie got up and said a few words about how thankful he was to all the
people in the branch and how grateful he was to Heavenly Father for
having the opportunity to find the gospel. He finished with bearing
testimony of the gospel and how it will bless him as he continues to
live it in China were the church doesn't have much of a presence. He
has such a strong testimony and continues to impress me with how much
faith he has.

At the end of the week we got to go up to Hiroshima for some training
from our mission president, assistants, and zone leaders. It was such
a great training and probably the best training I have received so far
on my mission. The focus of the training was mainly on what we can do
to consecrate ourselves and increase our performance. They challenged
us to make new goals for ourselves on how many baptisms we want to see
and what we will do each month, week, and day to see those goals
happen. I really loved the training because before I went into the
training one question I had prepared that I wanted to have answered
was how to set goals more effectively! The training definitely felt
like it was tailored to me.

That's about it for this week! I love you all and thank you to
everyone that sent me pictures! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Sherrill

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