Monday, April 18, 2016


They played the koto at an Eikaiwa
Bowling with the district

Niita Kyodai's last Sunday in Saijo - He's going to the Tokyo Mission

Just messing around with Elder Colton

Hello Everyone! So first off I'm sure many of you heard but all the
missionaries in the mission are safe from the earthquake. I know God
truly does look after his servants and protect them.  Friday night my
companion and I woke up to the earthquake that happened around 1:30 in
the morning. It didn't shake us to hard up here in Hiroshima but
enough to wake us from our sleep and to know it was an earthquake.
Soon after that the whole mission was awake calling each other to see
if everyone was okay and thankfully everyone was.

So I got my transfer call... I'm going to Kure! It's still in
Hiroshima zone and it actually borders Saijo! So it is super close. My
new companion is elder ratzlaff. I haven't heard to much about him but
he sounds like a really nice guy. I will fill everyone in next week
with all the exciting news of my new area! To be honest I'm pretty
bummed to be leaving Saijo. It has been a great 3 transfers but I know
I'm going to the area I need to go to.

This week was pretty average and a lot happened with our investigator
Kodama. The lesson we had with him last week didn't go so well and he
talked about feeling to pressured into getting baptized before
understanding the Book of Mormon fully so we pulled his baptism date.
He says he still wants to get baptized, but just wants to increase his
testimony some and know more about the Book of Mormon and the

Today is pretty busy since I'm in Hiroshima right now with the zone
and I'm going to have to go back home early to pack so I'm sorry for
such the short email. Next week will be a lot better. I love you all
and thank you for all the support and prayers! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Sherrill

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