Monday, March 14, 2016

3 months in 日本!

New companion, Elder Colton

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Hey Everyone!

So this week was a lot of fun! I got my new companion Elder Colton and
he is a stud! He is 21 and from Atlanta, Georgia. He went to West
Point Military Academy for 2 years. He is a way cool guy and pretty
similar to me. I'm pretty excited for this transfer because I am going
to learn a lot, especially in Japanese because he is only 3 months
ahead of me! Speaking of which, he makes me do half the phone calls
now which my first 2 transfers I never touched the phone so it has
been a cool experience to see how much I can say on the phone. My
first phone call actually went really good! I'm surprised with how
much my Japanese has improved, but I'm still no where close to where I
want to be.

As far as this week goes it was pretty normal other than transfers.
With me being area senpei it is a lot harder than I thought. Since my
companion doesn't know any members I have to do most of the talking at
church and in our meetings. Also when we plan each night since my
companion doesn't know the area I have to choose the area every time
and even though my area is pretty big I feel like I have dendoed
almost all of it haha. But it is a lot of fun and I really do feel
help from Heavenly Father when I am not sure what to do or say.

Sorry this weeks email is pretty short but we don't have much time.
I'm going to show Elder Colton around Saijo and all the sweet places
to go to eat. I can't believe it is already halfway through March! My
time has been flying by and it is a little scary.  I love you all and
hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Sherrill

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