Monday, March 27, 2017

New Transfer, New Hope

As much fun as all my previous companions have been, I always love starting off a new transfer. Each transfer is a six week cycle and with it comes lots of new experiences and opportunities to better ourselves. This transfer there was lots of change to our zone and our apartment and for that I am excited! I love my new companion, Elder Woodhouse. He is one of the most humble and spiritually sensitive elders I have met. My new Zone Leader companion Elder Barker is a stud, he is a little older than me Mission wise so I'm excited to work with another experienced leader and learn lots from him as well.

As usual for us down here in Okinawa this first week we get to fly up to Fukuoka for our M.L.C. (Mission Leadership Council). I get really excited every transfer for the opportunity we have to learn from other mission leaders as well as our Mission President and his wife. This transfer I feel like there will be a large focus on proselyting  and different effective ways to do it, so Elder Barker and I have come up with lots of fun ideas for our Zone to make sure we are using our talents as we share the gospel. We are both really pumped for this transfer! 

Since we have to catch an early flight out of Naha up to Fukuoka I'm going to make this email rather short, but before I end I wanted to talk about a recent project I have started with the Book of Mormon. I have heard this idea from other missionaries, mission leaders, and even some church leaders but it wasn't until recently I decided to begin. Basically what it is, is you have a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon and you begin reading it with a Christ-like attribute in mind. I chose charity and what you do is read the Book of Mormon and underline/highlight anything you think has to do with charity. With the intention obviously to learn from the scriptures how to be more charitable. So far it has been so amazing to study the Book of Mormon like this. Not only are we reading it together as an apartment but I'm also reading it for a while in personal study and so lately I have been getting at least a solid hour of Book of Mormon study a day! The more I read it the more I just don't want to put it down. I know for a fact that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, I love reading it. 

That's about it for this week! My commitment for this week will be the same as President Monson's a few years back, "if you haven't read the Book of Mormon, read it". I love you guys! 


Elder Sherrill 

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