Monday, March 20, 2017

Another 6 Weeks in Okinawa!

                            The non beach side of Okinawa

Mizukawa 長老 the birthday boy!
                  Elder Conders last eikaiwa!

Elder Sherrill and Nakama

We received our transfer calls and I am staying! I am so excited to stay here in Okinawa. There are lots of changes going on in the zone too so I'm excited for the whole change our zone will make. My new actual companion is Elder Woodhouse, I know nothing about him but he is a pretty young missionary so I'm excited to meet him and work with him. Since my Zone Leader companion will be going home, I am getting a new Zone Leader companion and that is Elder Barker!! None of you know who he is, but he is one of my good mission friends who actually served with me for a couple transfers up in Hiroshima! I'll be training him as a Zone Leader since it will be his first transfer as one, however I am expecting to learn a lot from him in return because he is a stud of a missionary! On top of being Zone Leader this next transfer I will also be the District Leader which will be pretty fun, so I'll keep you updated on how that goes haha.

This last week was pretty good and we had lots of stuff going on. I probably won't make this email too long though because we have a lot planned since it is Elder Conder' s last P-Day in the mission and he wants to go out with a really fun day. Today we have a game of golf and a really cool hike planned. But anyways, onto what actually happened this last week!

To begin the week off we went out to a really far area to do LARC Adventures again. However this time we just biked out there because Elder Foust (Senior missionary) wasn't in town. The day went really well, we were able to meet a couple less actives and members that don't get visited very often. The ride back home had a little unexpected turn though.. about 2 minutes into our solid 45 minute ride I hear a loud pop and my bike makes some bad noises. I look down at my rear bike tire and my derailer (the thing that shifts the gears) had hit the spokes on my rim somehow, and with the speed of my spokes hitting it, ripped my whole derailer off of my bike. So yeah, not very good haha. I got a good picture right afterwards that shows just how long it took to get home (2 hour walk with some strategic coasting down hills). 

Later on in the week we had lots of other things pop up but I don't have to much time left. This week was really good though and I am really excited for this next transfer. I think all the changes will be really good for everyone and for our investigators. I'll be sure to report more about it next week. :)  I love you guys! Sorry it is so short, have a wonderful week!

Elder Sherrill

                     The missionary hobbits

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