Saturday, August 13, 2016

Trip to the Fukuoka Temple! 福岡神殿!

It feels like I just sent off an email yesterday! Hello again
everyone! Today was awesome! We woke up really early and went with a
couple in the branch to Fukuoka to go through the Temple. It was such
an amazing experience, the last time I went was about 8 months ago.
I'm so thankful I have a temple in my mission and was able to go!
After we finished our first session the couple we were with stayed to
do some work and then we all decided we might as well go in for
another session so we did! It kind of killed our whole P-day though
because it takes about 2 hours to get to Fukuoka one way and another 2
hours for a single session, but we didn't mined, it was definitely
worth it.

This email won't be to long since there hasn't been much that has
happened this week  since my birthday. On Tuesday though we went to
District meeting in a nearby (not actually that close, takes about a 1
1/2 hours by train one way lol) town called Beppu. There we met with
our district and received some training from our District Leader. The
district is just three Americans and three Japanese so it's pretty
small, but the district meeting was probably one of the most fun ones
I have ever had! We did these relay race activities and he related
that to some different standards we have as missionaries. Then for the
last activity they had a fun little demonstration planned. I was to be
an investigator and the objective was make it to the whiteboard (it
represented the temple) after I had been baptized. As the investigator
I was blindfolded and had to walk around the room with the voice of
the spirit (another missionary whispering to me where to go), the
missionary who baptized me (his hand was tugging on my shirt pulling
me to where I needed to go) and lastly, Satan (who was a missionary
putting chairs in my path and telling me wrong directions. So after
about 3 minutes of confusion I finally make it to the whiteboard! My
district leader tells me to take off my blindfold. As I take it off,
SPLAT! 3 plates of whip cream all in my face! Not only was it a fun
little demonstration of helping investigators to the temple it was
also a little surprise for the birthday boy to wish him happy
birthday. After I get the whip cream in my face they all begin to sing
to me and it was a lot of fun! They definitely got me pretty good
because I had no idea it was coming haha, I have some pictures I will
send of the aftermath.

As far as the rest of the week goes we didn't have to much happen. We
tried to meet with our main investigator but she got sick and wasn't
able to meet. So we then tried to meet with our other investigator and
she didn't show up, so that was pretty disappointing. Other than that
we have had lots of dendo time, which is good because we need to find
more people to teach! Hopefully things will start to pick up her
pretty soon. But so far they have been going kind of slow which is
kind of a bummer. The only thing that has come out of our dendo so far
is really tan arms and a lot of sweating under the hot sun in Nakatsu
haha. Oh! Also I have exciting news! My old investigator in Kure, Yano
Hiromi, is getting baptized next Saturday! My old companion called me
and told me the good news, I'm so excited for her! When elder Ratzlaff
and I found her we never thought she would progress as fast as she did
but she did and was able to overcome some problems and will be getting
baptized really soon now. Right before I left I told her about how a
year after she is baptized I can go to the temple with her and she
said she wants to go really bad so I'm excited for that day to come!

That is about it for this week but I'd like to just close with my
testimony of the Temple. Going today and being able to participate in
the ordinances was really a special experience. I almost forgot how
powerful the spirit can be felt within the temple walls. Being there
today really solidified to me how badly I want to make going to the
temple a priority when I return home. That way I can feel that same
sacred feeling each time I go and be able to partake of those
blessings more regularly. I'm so thankful for the temple in my life, I
can't wait to go again! I hope everyone has a great week! PS- the next
time I email will be August 8th. I love you all!



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