Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfer Week!!!

While knocking on doors, a lady gave them salad dressing 

Hello everyone! So today is transfer day and guess where I'm going!?!?
I have no idea..... We still haven't received our transfer calls yet
lol. We will be getting them sometime today but since they haven't
come I guess you all won't know where I will be until next week. But
either myself or my companion will definitely be transferring for sure
since we have spent the last 2 transfers together.

So onto this week, it seems like we did so much! To start off the week
I cut my companions hair. Now that I have started to cut my own hair
since I bought my own clippers my companions have wanted me to cut
their hair and word has started to spread that I give a pretty good
haircut... (Who knew I had that hidden talent? ;)) because a member
came to me and asked me to cut his hair for him so I of course did my
best and gave him a good ol American haircut! I took a time lapse
video of it with my iPad and have some before and after pictures that
I will send.

This week we taught a few lessons with Hiromi of course and things
have been really great with her but we have to unfortunately push her
date back two months. She was supposed to be baptized this week but
she needs to go through some treatment at the hospital that will take
a couple months before she can be baptized. I am not worried about her
though because she is such a strong investigator and was so bummed to
move her baptism date. Did I mention that she read the WHOLE Book of
Mormon in 2 weeks also? And she has already restarted reading it
taking notes and writing down questions?? She is a serious kinjin
(golden investigator). I hope by the time she is baptized I will be
here to see it. We taught her about the temple and how after she is
baptized a year she can go and that also if she goes to the temple I
will be able to go with her. (We have a thing in our mission that
allows missionaries to go to the temple with people they taught if
they are still in the mission by the time they go to the temple) so I
told her if she is baptized before October 20 this year I can go
with her to the temple, she of course was excited and agreed she would
try so we could go together.

I don't have much time left but I want to share a little experience I
had this week and also I scripture I found during my studies that I
felt appropriately matched the situation I found myself in. Just the
other night we were out knocking on doors as usual and we ran into
this lady in about her 50's. I was closest to her door so I started
the contact and introduced myself and all the usual things we say to
begin a contact. As we continued talking we moved to the subject of
God and she started to share her beliefs on Him. She talked about how
he takes on multiple roles and isn't one single person. As I talked
about our beliefs and testified she kept cutting me off and wouldn't
let me finish my sentences. Finally, as I realized she was a little
stubborn in her beliefs and wouldn't let me share my side I offered
her a flyer and right as we were saying bye and walking away she said
once more what she believed. Feeling deep down that she had still not
heard my testimony I stopped in my tracks, turned around and
approached her again as she continued to speak. After a couple seconds
she finished and I looked her directly in the eye and bore one of the
most powerful, yet simply testimonies I think I have ever borne since
I have been in Japan. I know without a doubt that the words that came
to me were directly from the spirit. This time she did not interrupt
me, she stood and listened. I told her I have received confirmation
from God that what I say is true. I asked her if she has received
confirmation for what she knows to be true. She simply said no and I
continued to testify to her. After I finished I said goodbye and we
parted our ways. Thinking back on that experience during my personal
study just yesterday I came across a scripture, that scripture is
Romans 1:16, it says, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ:
for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that
believeth..." I wasn't ashamed to testify to her and I really think we
never should be ashamed of our beliefs. Although I do have to admit
that sometimes I have been quite nervous to do so. Our own personal
testimony is so powerful and as we share it with others it really
allows them to feel the spirit and be subject to the truth. I know she
felt the spirit and from that simply act of bearing testimony she was
changed a little and so was I.

I love this gospel and I know it is true. My testimony has received so
much nourishment and help from others as they have borne their
testimonies while I listened. I'm so thankful I now have the
opportunity to help others through sharing my own simple testimony. I
love you all and hope you all have a great week! Remember to always
bear your testimony on what you know to be true!

Love, Elder Sherrill

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