Monday, July 18, 2016

Goodbye Kure, Hello Nakatsu!


So the new week has come, and guess what!? I actually transferred!!!
Yeah my old companion and I were super surprised when we received the
transfer call last week. I thought for sure I'd be gone since I hadn't
been in the area as long as he had been but I suppose we are needed
wherever the Lord calls us! My new area is called Nakatsu. It is on
the smaller island of Kyushu and east of Fukuoka (my mission home).
It's kind of hard to explain so I have a picture showing my last area
and my current area I'll be sending today. It is super country though,
so lots of rice fields, old people, and hardly any young people. The
branch is pretty small (about 12) but an awesome group of people! I
have already grown to love them and I know it will be fun to serve
with them. My new companion is Elder Lotti, he has been out a little
over a year now and so far the first couple days with him have been
way fun! He has a super knowledge of the scriptures, church history,
and all kinds of random stuff so we have had some really interesting
and fun talks since I got to Nakatsu just a couple days ago. Also
another cool fact about him is he has lost over 100 pounds since he
has started his mission! He is a hard worker and I'm really excited
for this upcoming transfer. I can't believe I'm a transfer 6 already
and my birthday is next week! Time flies!

So this transfer week has been pretty fun, there hasn't been to much
to report on since I'm so new in the area but we have one instigator!
Her name is Kayo who is a lady in her 50s (she looks super young
though) and is a self refer all from a couple weeks ago. She came to
church for the first time this week and she had a great time! We
taught her a lesson and she said she believes in the first vision
story! We have a baptismal date with her next month but it will more
than likely need to get pushed back a little but that's okay, she's
progressing really fast. Anyways, I don't have to much time left so
this will be a way short email, sorry for that! I will explain more
about the area and the members next week. I love you all and thank you
for the emails and love. Have a great week!!


Elder Sherrill

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