Monday, January 25, 2016

Transfer week!

Big Mac in Japan!

Geomon Restaurant

Japanese Curry

Warming socks by the heater before going out in
 the cold

The cold 

Hello everyone! So First off sorry to everyone I forget to tell you
guys I had P-day one day later this week for transfers haha so I am
staying in Saijo with my trainer Elder Harrell! It didn't come to much
a surprise to me but I was still nervous because some people still
transfer out on their first transfer. I can't believe it has been 6
weeks already! Our District is changing a little bit too. My companion
became district leader and we have 2 new sisters white washing into
Saijo so it will be cool to see how much more success we see in the

It has been snowing so much here too! It has snowed the past 4 or so
days and it gets so cold at night. I thought it would make dendo a
little easier because people would feel bad for us and want to talk to
us but instead when they come to their door they say "don't you know
it's cold out? Go home". So that has made it a little more difficult
but we are continuing to see miracles here in Saijo. Speaking of
miracles we met with a referral we received last week and set a
baptismal date for February 27! The person we met with is a girl who
is about 16 and is in her first year of high school. Her name is Kaori
Mizukami and she is from Peru but moved here in 1st grade so she
speaks fluent Japanese and Spanish. We taught her about baptism and as
we talked with her she said she really wants to be baptized and thinks
it will be a great blessing in her life. Is she kinjin or what?! I am
so excited to see how it all goes with her this next month as we
continue to teach her.

Over this last week we had a world wide missionary broadcast and I
learned so much from it. One thing that was said that really stuck
with me was to always have "Christ on my lips". Which simply means to
always be testifying of Him. Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the
Twelve talked about this and as he talked about it he asked how often
we testify of the Savior. He asked if we were testifying of Him in
every person we come in contact with whether they have interest in our
message or not. As I thought about that I committed myself to try and
testify at least one sentence about the Savior to everyone I come in
contact with. So far it has been hard to keep my commitment because we
talk to a lot of people and some people really don't want anything to
do with our message but those I have testified to I can tell it has
made it a difference and I know as I continue to do so it will touch
others hearts in a way that hopefully shows them the love the Savior
has for all His children.

To end I would like to share a funny little story of something that
happened last night. As we were out dendoing we sometimes knock on
doors with just kids home and so we will normally ask them if their
parents are home. Last night we were at a door and heard some kids
inside so before the door opened up I just imagined it would be a kid
so I prepared myself to ask the question if their parents are home.
After the door opens up a lady peeks out (she is about 4 and a half
feet tall and looks about 16 or so) and their is another little
toddler behind her. Thinking she was young I asked if her parents were
home. She looked at me confused and said "what?" (Obviously this is
all in Japanese but I am translating it haha). So then I ask again and
in the middle of asking my companion whispers quietly to me, "dude,
she is the mom..". So after I finish she is like "I am the mother,
what do you want?" So needless to say the rest of that contact was
pretty awkward. I thought maybe she would have taken it as a
compliment but it seemed like she thought it more of an insult so
yeah, my companion had a pretty good laugh after we finished talking
with her haha.

Thank you to everyone that has sent me emails and continues to show
their love and support. It is very much appreciated! I love being in
Saijo and I can tell the Lord is hard at work here preparing the
people. It is a great blessing to be on a mission and I wouldn't trade
it for anything. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Sherrill

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