Monday, January 18, 2016


This week has been awesome! This email will be fairly short though
since we have a pretty busy day scheduled for us. First things first I
want to talk about a recent convert in the branch who was baptized
just last July. He was actually baptized on the 25th! Which is my
birthday! Anyways, we have been meeting with him and been teaching him
about the Melchizedek priesthood which he will receive Sunday! We
are so excited for him. His name is Xie and I probably have talked
about him a little in previous emails but he is from China and is such
a strong convert. My companion and I are convinced when China opens up
to the church he will become a stake president there. It has been so
cool to hear about his story and just seen how much he has grown. He
constantly has a yearning to learn more and more about the Gospel and
is always studying it when he has free time.

This week we had the opportunity to go on Junkai with elders from
Mihara. Pretty much what that means is you switch your companion for a
day and go out with another elder in your district to learn some new
ways to dendo and also whenever we go on Junkai's there always seems
to be a miracle that happens! This time I went out with Elder Osborne
and he has been out for about 6 months so it was pretty interesting
going around talking to people since both of us (more me than him)
aren't fully sure what we are doing haha. It was a great time though
and we talked to a lot of people and set up a return appointment with
a younger college student who we are actually going back to teach
tonight! One thing I learned from him is to talk to everyone.
Sometimes when we dendo we don't talk to some people because we think
it might be a little awkward or its just not an ideal circumstance but
with Elder Osborne he talked to literally everyone! Some people I was
hesitant to talk to you and might not have talked to without him ended
up being some great little on the spot lessons that led to a baptismal
invite or giving someone a Book of Mormon.

So far I have learned so much from being out for just over a month and
I know I will continue to learn more and more. This work is definitely
the Lord's and there is no way I could do any of the things I do
without his help. I am grateful each day for His example and I pray I
can continue to work hard to become the missionary he wants me to
become. I love you all and hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Love, Sherrill 長老

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