Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another 6 Weeks in 中津

Hello everyone! So as expected my companion and I are staying together for one more transfer here in Nakatsu! I'm pretty excited for this next transfer. Our teaching pool is pretty small but we came up with a few plans on how to blow up the area, so hopefully we will see the fruit of our labors here soon enough!

With transfers something interesting happened to our zone. Before I explain though, I think it might help to give a little breakdown of the mission. In my mission there are about 200 missionaries. As a mission we are made up of 9 zones. Each zone has about 20 or so missionaries. Then within that zone there are usually 3-4 separate groups of missionaries known as a District. Once a week a District will meet together to train and learn from each other and that is known as District Meeting. Then once a transfer (every 6 weeks) everyone in the zone meets together to get training from 2 elders known as the zone leaders. That training is called Zone Training meeting or ZTM for short. This last transfer we were apart of the
Beppu Zone, it was the smallest in the mission. This new transfer though they decided to get rid of Beppu Zone and combine the missionaries inside with nearby zones. So with that being said we are now apart of Fukuoka Zone! Which my companion are actually pretty stoked about. So each week instead of going to Beppu, which is about an hour and half train ride. We will be going to Chikushino. Which takes 3 hours... Super long. But I don't mind so much because I usually enjoy the train rides. But anyways, I'm not sure why I shared all that haha, the main point I was trying to get across is that even though we didn't transfer we have a completely new zone! Which is always fun, because you get to meet more missionaries and catch up with old ones we've known from before.

Moving on to the rest of the week, there sadly isn't much to report on. We had some of our usual activities like Eikaiwa, Home teaching, and dinner with the Tanaka family. One of my companion and I's favorite thing during the week is going to the Tanaka's house for dinner. We go every week and share a message and she makes dinner for us! It's super awesome and always really good food. Her husband isn't a member and our message is usually directed towards him but he
doesn't have to much interest unfortunately. Lately though we have been joking around with him and having a good time with him each time we come over and I think he is actually looking forward to our visits now. He has been through a lot of missionaries since his wife has
always done this weekly meal for the missionaries but my companion and I hope we can change his usual image of them and hopefully with a better relationship be able to help him actually progress.

Sorry but that will probably be it for this week! Lately it has finally started to rain here and man has it been pouring. I feel like the last couple days are making up for the last month of no rain
because it's just non stop and lots of it. Luckily, I just recently bought new rain pants and they held up really well. Before I go though I want to share something I learned this week. As a mission we have been reading the Book of Mormon every day and we will be finishing
this week! Since we have been doing that though I have been studying the New Testament a lot lately and have been learning quite a few things from it. This week the recurring theme seemed to be Faith. During the New Testament as most people know it is filled with Christ and his ministry. He goes throughout the land, preaches to the people, and performs many miracles. As I was going through accounts of the countless miracles the Savior performed I realized almost all of them were dependent upon the faith of the person receiving the miracle. When he healed a blind man he said, "according to your faith be it into you". Or when the woman touched his garments he turned to her and said "daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole". And Jesus seeing the "faith" of the men who carried their friend on the bed with palsy said, "Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee."

There are so many examples in the scriptures of people being healed or forgiven because of their exceedingly great faith. Reflecting on the beginning of my mission and where I am now I definitely have noticed my faith decrease in the work due to the lack of success I've seen in
some areas. Being here in Nakatsu and not seeing as much success as I would like to and reading of all the miracles in the scriptures due to people's faith has definitely been a testament that I need to have more faith. So this week that's what I plan to work on! I know that Heavenly Father really loves all His children. That we are all individually important to Him. I know if I continue to work hard and increase my faith each and every day I will be able to have the righteous desires of my heart fulfilled or rather have my eyes opened to see the miracles I am already being blessed with. This gospel really does bring true happiness, I know that! I hope everyone had a
wonderful week! 愛してるよ〜!


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