Monday, February 22, 2016

Rode a Shinkansen! (Bullet Train)🚄

Bullet Train! It's really that fast!

Accidentally knocked on the branch president's door

Bullet Train

Indo Curry

Basketball group

This week went really good! We had an awesome conference with Elder
Yamashita in Fukuoka and finally had some success dendoing! This week
we set four return appointments! Which still isn't a ton but compared
to our last weeks where we had none and contacted twice the amount of
people I definitely consider it a miracle. To begin our week we found
a young father named Asabe. We gave him a Book of Mormon and set an
appointment to meet with him the following night. As we came back to
meet the next day he unfortunately said he didn't have much time but
he had read the introduction and some of first Nephi. He said he
really liked it and wants to learn more but is currently really busy
with some project at work and can't meet again till March 3rd. We
shared some family pictures and he told us about his family and was
just a really nice guy. We're gonna contact him next week and
hopefully set up another time to meet with him.

The next couple of days we prepared to go down to Fukuoka for the
conference with Elder Yamashita. Before we went down they told all
elders in the mission they need to have their hair cut. Since it had
been a while since I had gotten my hair cut and I didn't want to pay
for it (plus I didn't want to go back to the guy that did it last
time) I decided to cut it myself! Which was really interesting haha. I
was pretty scared to accidentally mess it up but it actually didn't go
so bad. I cut the top and my companion cleaned up the sides for me. It
turned out a lot better than I thought it would, which was good
because I didn't want to look all funny meeting a General Authority.
Anyways, for the ride down we first had to take a train to Hiroshima
then take a 5 hour bus ride down to Fukuoka. We got into Fukuoka late
at night and then were up bright and early the next day for the

Elder Yamashita was a lot different than what I had expected. I was
expecting a really intense kind of environment for the conference but
he came in really lovingly and at times was a little goofy haha. But I
think it set a good mood for the conference and I was able to learn a
lot from it. I think one of the things I liked the most about what he
said was for us to "open our mouth" more. He promised us as we open
our mouth and talk with everyone and always have that positive
attitude we will come across those people that have been prepared to
hear our message. So that is definitely something I am trying to focus
on more this coming week because there have been times where I'm to
nervous to talk to someone and I always think afterwards that that
person could have been someone who would have accepted our message but
I was too afraid to do my part as a missionary.

After the conference to return home we got to ride a Shinkansen! Which
is the bullet train here in Japan, they are so fast! It only took an
hour to get from Fukuoka back to Hiroshima. I have a video I'm sending
later of outside the window on the train and it looks sped up but it's
real time. They are really smooth and pretty much look like an
airplane cabin on the inside but are a lot more spacious. When we got
to Hiroshima we went out to eat at this okonomiyaki place. Hiroshima
is known for having some of the best okonomiyaki in Japan and it's so
good. If I eat it again I'll be sure to take a picture.

Then Saturday we had the basketball service activity with the
special needs kids again and it was fun as always! I got a picture
this week so I'll be sure to send that later with my other email. To
end off the week I'll share a funny, yet pretty embarrassing story. I
crashed my bike.. And it wasn't even in a cool way. Lately, as we have
been riding out to areas to dendo Elder Harrell has been having me
lead the way so I can make sure I know the area just in case he leaves
this next transfer. So while we were on our way back from an area we
were riding and I looked back to see how far elder Harrell was behind
me and he yells to me to look out. So I turn around and see a car not
to far away coming my way so I hit my brakes except when I did so I
hit my front brakes on accident. When I bought the bike they told me
the brakes were on the opposite side, so I was used to hitting my
right brake for the rear tire but on my bike its switched so I usually
use that brake thinking it's my rear tire instead.  Anyways so after I
accidentally hit my front brakes they locked up my front wheel and I
went flying over the handle bars with my bike following after me. I
get up and brush myself off and the lady drives by and asks if I'm
okay and my companion does the same. It was pretty embarrassing but
definitely reminded me to slow down while I'm riding my bike because I
do tend to go pretty fast. Other than that though it was a pretty good
week, I'm excited for all the new fun adventures that lay in the week
ahead. Have a good week everyone!

Love, Elder Sherrill

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